First timers - Beginner's Guide, Yoga etiquette 

• Most importantly:
◦ drop your expectations at the door
◦ don’t freak out if you can not do a pose
◦ don’t freak out if you don`t understand what your teacher says (sweet Sanskrit)
◦ don’t freak out if you start sweating
◦ don’t freak out if you do not start sweating 
◦ generally, don’t freak out 🙂
• Arrive 10 mins before the class starts (at least)
• We recommend not to choose an L2 level class to be the very first yoga class in your life.
• Take off your shoes in the reception, so we can all roam around in our bare feet without getting them dirty
• Wear something comfortable and stretchy.
• A little towel can make your life easier on the mat if you are a sweaty type.
• Yoga mats, and other props are available for your use (feel free to bring your own if you prefer)
• Please use the spray bottles and towels to clean and wipe down your yoga mat after class
• Changing room, shower, hairdryer are available
• Please let the teacher know before class if you are working with any injuries or if you are pregnant.
• In the shala please keep silence, turn off your mind and leave your phone outside
• Please note, the doors are closed, once the class began. Please don`t ring the bell anymore, as it`s disturbing the practice of the other Yogi:nis.


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