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Rocket Station

Yoga Studio
Wittstocker Straße 21
10553 Berlin

Mission statement

Our vision is to create a space where people can connect. Not only rolling out the mat next to each other, but to share the experience that happens on that mat and share a cup of tea after the class. Where experienced yogis meet newbies, the calm ones the restless ones and we all find something that makes us want to return to the station.

We believe in developing together. This beautiful place offers you challenges, inspiration, and different perspectives. At the Rocket Station you can find a wide range of classes, events not only to meet others but also to discover different sides of yourself.

We got your back if you have never seen a yoga mat before and we kick your butt if you are on the mat twice a day.

A place where we invite you all to land. If you are here, BE here!

The Crew


Bernadett Rompos

Mens sana in corpore sano

Ciao Guys, my name is Bernadett Rompos, Hungarian dancer, yoga teacher, pilates and barre instructor coming to Berlin from Prague.

My background is 25 years of dancing (modern & contemporary). After an ugly injury, I turned towards yoga – hoping for recovery. The process was very slow, but it worked! After recovering in 2016, I decided to dive deeper into yoga, and went to an ashram in Rishikesh for my first 200 Yoga Teacher Training. And of course, meanwhile I fell in love with yoga. Training, courses, more training, more courses followed, and keep following each other – a never ending learning journey, right?:)

Currently I teach vinyasa, rocket and ashtanga yoga, as well as pilates, full body workout, and high interval training. I believe in diversity on and off the mat. Treating both mind and body with respect and gratitude is the key. Keep exploring, experimenting, mindfully attacking our limits – this is where the fun begins 🙂 Mens sana in corpore sano ( “a healthy mind in a healthy body”) – why not to start work on this already today 😉 Your fav. asana: Hmmm, it keeps changing. Right now Pincha Mayurasana


Dalma Viczina

Let's rock it!

Hey peps, my name is Dalma and the strange language Betti and I speak in between, is Hungarian 🙂 I’ve lived in Germany for 12 years and 8 of them in Berlin. In my 33 years I was a musical actress on the stage, worked in a Café, was a Sales Manager for solar panels, and studied  psychology (I still do)…but none of these professions could make me as lastingly enchanted as the science of yoga.

At the beginning, I started to dive deep in my asana practice and absolve my YTT in Italy in  a very dynamic vinyasa Style. Step by step I realized that this world means more to me: how can the asana practice influence the nervous system? How do I feel while singing mantras? How can I meditate during a challenging dynamic practice? This list is a never ending story for me, and these are the things we are exploring together in my classes.

Music is a part of me, that’s why we will experiment with sounds, making noise together, learning mantras, diving deep into pranayama practice (breathing exercises), all while  flowing through challenging sequences. Even while writing this, I have a huge smile on my face. This love I want to share with you guys. Rocket station is our playground, our baby, and I can’t wait to have each one of you on the mat and playing around together! Let’s rock it!

Your fav. asana absolutely the tripod headstand <3


Sophie Müller

Guided by the flow

Movement has always been a passion for me, from studying sports to becoming a workout trainer and nutritionist. A couple of years ago, I’ve discovered yoga as a great balance for myself. The synergy of flowing and holding asanas and the fire and peace at the same time, have had a very special effect on me, which I would love to share with others and thus inspire.

After my YTT in Bali at the beginning of 2023, I started my own business and became self-employed and am now completely guiding myself by the flow. Energy has a strong focus for me and I look forward to lift you up.


Eva Alberti

Constant movement research

I come from a small village in Liguria, Italy. 
After graduating from a three-year dance academy in Milan, I moved to Berlin to develop my career as a professional performer.
Parallel to my training as a dancer I got into yoga and after my 200hr YTT I have started my teaching journey.
I have expanded my movement knowledge with Pilates, fitness and Animal Flow which all have a strong influence on my yoga teaching style as well.
“I believe that the constant movement research is a powerful tool of expression and connection with ourselves. “

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-01 at 14.00.52

Thomas Rohe

Move, sweat and enjoy!

I`m a freelance dancer and yoga teacher and always had a passion for movement. I finished my dance studies in 2016 in Berlin and I`m working with national and international choreographers since then. In 2021 I completed my 200hr teacher training with Yoga Für Dich and I`m teaching Power Vinyasa Flow classes. My classes aim to really make you move, sweat and enjoy yourself on the mat.


Dominique Tegho

Sharing movement and holding space!

I am a freelance choreographer, dancer and yoga teacher.

I discovered yoga during my dance training and it became part of my practice, guiding me towards a more mindful approach to movement and breath. I decided to do my 200h in India in Rishikesh in 2018 and then did my 300h in 2023 at Lotos yoga in Berlin. I also have an MA in Choreography from HZT Berlin. Until today, yoga complements my artistic practice.

I love sharing movement and holding space for others to connect to their own flow and body.

Lusie Hopfmann, vinyasa flow, fast and furious

Luise Hopfmann

Let`s inspire each other

Since I started my conscious Yoga practice eight years ago I never stopped stepping regularly on the mat. Yoga guided me not only to become more patient and loving with myself, to learn about surrendering and detaching but also to empower myself and others, exploring the energy and creativity that is within me and share it with people. I believe Yoga is a highly individual practice and as unique as we are. 

With all inspiration and (self)-experience from the past years I became so dedicated about sharing my passion and completed a teacher training in India. Now as a certified Vinyasa and Ashtanga teacher I find pleasure in natural and intuitive movements as well as strong and correctly aligned asanas as movement always was my companion in life. 

Let’s inspire each other, learn from one another and stay curious.

Annelie Brandner

Annelie Brandner

Finding joy through movement

Hello, my name is Annelie. I am a writer, dog and nature lover, and above all I am deeply passionate about just about any kind of movement. Over the years, yoga has become a dear and powerful companion, enriching not only my movement practices off the mat, but my life as a whole. For me, yoga is a source of joy, strength, presence, acceptance and compassion in so many ways – and I`d love to explore with you what it can be for you. In 2019 I began sharing my learnings as a yoga teacher (RYT® 500) in Toronto. In 2022 I found a new home in Berlin, where I now teach strength-based vinyasa, exploratory mobility flows (for athletes) as well as meditation and yogic breathing. Can’t wait to meet you on the mat. 🙂


Apollonia Rocket Yoga Berlin Moabit

Apollonia Ilmberger

New ways to express creativity

I am Apollonia and I am passionate about finding new ways to express creativity.

Being a Yoga teacher has always been a wish I had in life which I then finally fulfilled  myself in 2020 and then again in 2021. What I love about being a teacher is that I fully appreciate staying a student forever. There is so much to learn.

Sharing the playground with people and setting body, mind and muscles new challenges are the biggest gifts for me.
My monkey mind rests best when the heart beats and smiles.

I am a sucker for acrobatics and also teach Poledance.
So sometimes we are going to act as if gravity does not exist for us.
When I’m not on the mat or in the air I am cooking, handcrafting or playing the harp.

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Nico Citeroni

Live by the sun, love by the moon

Hello, beautiful people! ✨

My name is Nico, I was born and raised in a small sunny village near Freiburg im Breisgau and I’m delighted to guide you on your journey to wellness and self-discovery. As your yoga teacher, I’m committed to creating a nurturing space where you can explore the mind-body connection and cultivate inner peace. With a passion for a holistic wellbeing and years of experience teaching groupfitness classes, I’m here to support you every step of the way. Let’s flow, breathe and grow together!

Consistent yoga practice heightens the awareness of my body, thoughts and emotions, fostering acceptance and collaboration rather than resistance. Yoga, serving as a moving meditation accompanied by conscious breathing, helps me to get in touch with my body, offering profound insights into my true nature and helping me cultivate a deeper connection with myself and the world around. Come join me as I delve further into the transformative essence of this ancient practice, both on and off the mat!

Follow my journey 💫


Rocket Yoga is an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga  based practice that includes postures from the primary and intermediate series.

The class is energetic, fun and up-lifting. We go quite often upside down, searching for our limits and then respectfully attacking those limits. The focus is not on what you can not do but on what you can! And you can definitely do much more than what you think.

Rocket yoga gives space to everyone to try, to fly, to fall and to try again. Instead of grasping onto the idea of perfection, we learn how to let go  – let go of concerns, fear, expectations and prejudices.
While discovering our own capabilities, we embrace discipline – discipline that doesn’t restrict us but on the other way around, it  gives us a solid base and  self-trust which is the “entry ticket” to freedom. On the mat and off the mat as well.

The focus of Rocket I is the lower half of the body. There are more variations in standing poses and an extended seated sequence based on the poses from the Primary Series (forward-bending practice).

The focus is less on the legs and more on the back, upper body and core. There are more seated poses, and this routine consists of arm balancing, backward bending and twisting.

The ultimate Rocket sequence! Rocket III combines poses from both Rocket I and Rocket II. It has the most poses, so students experience a wider range of movement. It consists of many different standing variations as well as forward bending, arm balances, and backward bending.

Rocket what?? Exactly! Then this is a class for you. Here we learn the rocket sequence step by step, focusing on proper alignment, explaining the transitions more in detail. So next when you arrive at a Rocket Yoga lesson, you will know where and how to flow.

A dynamic practice focused on moving the body along with the breath. Poses are generally held for shorter periods of time and we aim to experience fluidity, motion with proper alignment and full focus of the mind. Pranayama, opening and/or closing  chanting and meditation may be included.

Every morning is a gift, unwrap your body like a present! Take off/ Abflug is focused on setting you up for the day ahead. Starting slow, deep stretches, nourishing mind & body. And when the system is ready, we  pick up the pace and flow with our breath. Use this dynamic practice to wake up and enter the day with your best foot forward. 

A slow paced practice focused on relaxing the body and calming the mind. We start with a slower paced flow with deep breaths and long holds. Then we tune into stretching  both muscles and  connective tissues, turning the yang energy into a peaceful yin practice. Calming down, grounding, leaving all the stress of the day behind.

Start your day with a journey into the world of sounds. Special instruments and a clear voice help you to deep dive into your meditation. No experience needed.

Rocket Asana Lab helps you to refine your alignment, increase your pose integrity and prevent overuse/ repetitive strain. With clear instructions and helpful information you will get to know about common misalignments, benefits and contraindications. We believe that the idea of one correct way to do a yoga pose is outdated. Join us to explore modifications and learn to customize the postures in a safe and healthy way. All are welcome! From the beginner to the seasoned yogi – there is something for everyone 😉

Only 45 mins, and we guarantee that you will get to move every corner of your body. Sweet and sweaty, strong and flowy. Fast & furious is based on our regular Vinyasa Flow – we are tuning it up for you so you can really use your lunch break efficiently. Working on core strength, including more dynamic elements we flow with our breath and we close with a well deserved Shavasana. A compact lunch box prepared for you by the Rocket Station. 🙂

Not so much about spirituality, rather about strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility. This power hour works on its own to help you to build stamina and also functions as a solid foundation for the rocket and vinyasa classes.  

Mama / Papa and Baby Yoga will help you to stretch, strengthen, and breathe while bonding with your baby and getting to know other new moms. The teacher will guide you through strengthening and restorative asanas for mamas as well as stretching and mobilizing poses done with your baby. Mamas / Papas are encouraged to go at their own pace and rest whenever needed. We all know that babies sometimes are super happy to move, sometimes they just want to eat and sleep. And it’s all good, no stress. If the baby needs to be fed or changed during class, no problem! You’ll notice during class that every baby will do the same! Mamas / Papas simply stop and attend to their needs at any point and rejoin the practice when they can.
Moms can attend classes as soon as they are medically cleared for exercise (usually 6 weeks postpartum).

The world of sounds is wanted to be explored during this relaxing practice. We stimulate our nervous system by listening to different frequencies and so we let the body and mind come to a deep relaxation. We get into touch with our own voice and sound by chanting together. Creating sounds in the group has a special magical energy. If you want to sing like in a gospel choir or just want to close your eyes and listen silently, in every way you are more than welcome to join!

Friday evening is different. The air feels fresher, the streetlights are brighter, the dinner tastes better. Why wouldn’t your Friday evening yoga class be something special? Keep an eye on the schedule to see what our weekly “Weekend Kick Off” can offer you.

Life happens. Brunch helps. But don`t forget, here we have to work for our food 😉 90 minutes of sweaty flow is the first chapter, delicious vegan dishes are the second, prosecco is the third…and the fourth… 

Animal Flow® is a combination of various bodyweight-training disciplines. It’s characterised by ground-based movements that improve strength, flexibility, body awareness and fluidity through a fun and challenging flow. The class is open level and anyone can attend. 
Let’s come to try out and awaken your animal instincts!


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